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Bold Bright and Blended! How to Get the Perfect Blend!

I rarely keep pieces for myself, but this piece was calling my name. I found it on a local fb marketplace. Admittingly, it looked kind sad, but I could definently see the potential and the possibility to play with some colour with this piece.

Here I will run through the steps I took to take this plain cabinet to the bold, bright blended beauty it is today!

Step 1.

Sand! Sand! And Sand!!

I cant stress this enough. Sanding your project piece, regardless of the paint brand used, is an necessary evil in order to ensure the best chance for a lifetime of durability. I used my 5" orbital sander and started with a 120 grit and worked my way to 220 grit. The goal is not to remove the finish completely, just to rough it up a bit and smooth it out and provide some tooth for the primer to stick too!

Step 2.

Normally I prime, BUT, for this look I wanted the wood underneath to peak through and I knew the paint had a good surface to stick too. I used Krud Kutter (any home improvement store carries it) to clean thoroughly. It takes away dirt, oil and grime, leaving a clean surface to paint on. Then I rinsed it with clean water to ensure no residue was left.

Step 4.

The fun part, COLOUR!

Now I need to warn you, there will be points in this project that you will doubt the overall look! Don't!

Just follow through and be amazed!

I took equal amounts of medium based Green & bright Yellow, mixed them together and created a bold bright lime green. (Seen in pic)

I used a good quality brush and made sure to take off some excess paint on a rag as I went. A light hand with very little paint is the key. You can always go back and add more. I put the green in a chosen places, not everywhere. I sparingly placed it on, leaving some wood still showing.

Step 3.

RED! Yep, you heard me correct! I added some red. I used Red my Mind by Behr, but any bright bold red will do. Again, I placed the red on the cabinet in some places overlapping the green and in other spots, covering the wood. I also left some places with the wood still coming through. (See pic)

Yep, its a hot mess at this point!

BUT, stay with me here.

Next up, I added some Naval by Sherwin Williams, same as previous step, only in places and was sure to overlap in some places too.

Step 4.

Next I took some Forest Green by Behr and Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams and mixed them together, until I achieved a beautiful Teal colour to my liking. I then watered the teal mixture down adding about 2 tablespoons of water. This will depend on how big of a piece you are painting. You may need more for a bigger project or less for a smaller.

Mix it well. Then I used a new brush and applied it to the cabinet. The water dilutes the mixture so that it doesn't paint on fully. The goal is to not cover all the layers. I wanted those previous colours to still show through in places.

Step 5.

Lastly, I used my go to, favourite blue, Mozart Blue by Benjamin Moore. This is an amazing blue. I added it full strength, no dilution in places. Then I took some in a dish and added some water, again I used 3 tablespoons, but you will have to adjust depending on the amount you need. I washed the Mozart Blue water mix ALL over the cabinet. Again, it is watered down to act more like a wash and not full on coverage. This last wash should tie it altogether and provided a more muted overall finish.

You WANT to see all the colours!

Once fully dry, apply a water based poly of your choice for added protection. For this project I used Diamond Varathane in Satin , which can be found at any home improvement store.

That is it! A gorgeous blended finish. This cabinet has all the colours peaking through and I absolutely LOVE IT! Hope you do too!

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